You can remote start the new Ford Mustang and rev the V8

Undoubtedly you walk down the street: a new Ford Mustang! You’re suddenly approaching: the sound of the starter motor firing up the V8. hey As he speaks to you, the revs are audible. Are you dreaming this? You just ask for the car. It responds with a satisfying V8 growl. You look back: I’m being filmed. Later that day you will be on TikTok. This scenario may soon become a reality.

Last year, a patent was filed for a remote revving function. Now Ford appears to be adding trickery to the new Mustang. Before updating your Ford Mustang, of course you can start it remotely. You can send a command to the engine via the Mustang’s key and via the Ford app. Recovery requires a special procedure.

How to reset Ford Mustang remotely?

Press and hold the lock and unlock button together for three seconds and the engine revs up to 2,000 rpm. Press both buttons again and the Ford Mustang revs three times to 5,000 rpm. Then the steam is released and the function goes into standby. It looks like good fun, but be warned.

At a few degrees below zero in the middle of winter, revving your engine to 5,000 rpm right away isn’t comfortable. The oil is still not hot enough, so it does not lubricate properly. And that’s right here. In the coldest parts of the US it can drop even further below zero. We’re curious to see how the ever-responsible Mustang owners handle this feature.

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