You can drive your epic America road trip for free

You can drive your epic America road trip for free

American record prices with the window open, a hand on the wheel, a classic Mustang on Fleetwood Mac speakers, and a grin at the gas station are still trivial to us. That is the dream. You want to drive on Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway or the Trans-Canada Highway. An irresistible blend of history, scenery and glorious asphalt.

Or, if you prefer, you can now opt for something like the Chevrolet Bolt — or the more sophisticated GMC Hummer EV. And don’t drive yourself. Hmmm, that’s less attractive. But it’s possible for enthusiasts, thanks to General Motors’ updated SuperCruise. This system uses GPS, lidar, cameras and other sensors to drive freely without your hands on the wheel.

Super Cruise can be found in your rental car

You can safely watch Super Cruise with General Motors’ Autopilot parallel. They offer self-driving systems in Chevrolets, Buicks, GMCs and Cadillacs. You won’t see much of this system in Europe at the moment, but there are plans to bring electric models over here. Chances are you’ll be driving with Super Cruise on your vacation (or business trip) in the US.

Currently, the Super Cruise can drive freely on asphalt for more than 300,000 kilometers in the United States; It was double before the update. While (as a human) self-driving is a lot of fun, the self-driving system can come in handy for long, boring stretches. Also: This way you have more time to enjoy the view.

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