Yellow Penguin may be captured for the first time: 'extraordinary and extremely valuable'

Yellow Penguin may be captured for the first time: ‘extraordinary and extremely valuable’

While unpacking things, penguins appeared out of curiosity. “Suddenly I saw a pale specimen in the waves. As a bird watcher, I know my species, but I didn’t know this species.” Adams immediately dropped all of his materials. “I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. Miraculously, he swam towards us, swayed on the beach. There he really made a show, right in front of us.”

The insect appears to suffer from leucemia, an abnormality that leads to decreased pigmentation, Pollitt says. “ A penguin does not have albinism, because you can still see where it should be black on its back and the color of the legs as well.

Promising future

The color of the penguin appears to be pure yellow. “Sometimes there is such a manipulation of nature that the natural color pattern of the animal does not develop. This of course creates the response” Huh, what is this now? Bullitt isn’t worried about the yellow monster. ”The other penguins will notice that he looks different. Whether that works for him or against him, I have no idea. But I hope a bright future awaits him. “

Photographer Adams is still reeling from all the attention the photos get. “Unimaginable. I hope this happens with all of my photos. It exceeds all my expectations, but in the end I took some pictures. Personally, I like the pictures I took of the sunset in Belgium more beautiful,” he laughs.

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