Xi confronts Canadian PM Trudeau: I leaked everything to the press |  Abroad

Xi confronts Canadian PM Trudeau: I leaked everything to the press | Abroad

with videoChinese President Xi Jinping is unhappy with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The two spoke behind closed doors at the G20 conference in Bali this week. Yesterday, Xi visited Trudeau again, but this time in the common room, to tell him he was unhappy that parts of the conversation had been leaked to the press.

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The two exchanged a conversation between two official G20 moments, with an interpreter. “Everything we talked about was leaked to the press,” Xi said. ,, This is not pleasant. This is not how diplomacy works. If you’re loyal…’ Then Trudeau interrupted him, as seen in a video.

“In Canada, we believe in free and open dialogue,” Trudeau told Xi. “And we like it that way. We’ll also work constructively together, but there will be things we disagree on.”

Canadian media reported that Trudeau criticized China in a conversation on Tuesday, including suspected espionage and Chinese interference in Canadian elections. The Chinese side did not release any information about the conversation.

do not speak

Xi found it clearly disturbing that Trudeau’s opinion of the conversation was published in the newspaper. Nor did he let Trudeau speak when he tried to explain how he thought this happened. “Let’s create the conditions first,” he said through his translator. Then he shook hands with the Canadian and walked away. Trudeau looked a little puzzled.

He later told reporters that “every conversation with the Chinese leader will not be easy.” But Canada will need to maintain a constructive and direct dialogue while at the same time fighting for human rights and Canadian values. “

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tensions between states

Relations between Canada and China have been tense for several years. It started in 2018 with the arrest of Huawei’s highest-ranking woman Meng Wanzhou, And then two Canadians were accused of espionage. They were later released. But it was announced on Monday that there will be a Canadian lawsuit against a Hydro-Quebec employee, who allegedly stole information about the batteries for the Chinese state. Three Chinese companies must also divest in Canadian minerals because North Americans fear they will harm their national security.

Trudeau (left) snitched during the conversation. © via Reuters

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