Woman asks rock star for her 'first kiss' sign, checks her ID first, then says 'yes' |  show

Woman asks rock star for her ‘first kiss’ sign, checks her ID first, then says ‘yes’ | show

with videoA fan of British rock band The 1975 made a cool request to drive singer Matty Healy (33) through a concert. The woman held up a sign asking if he would kiss her for the first time. His reaction videos have been viewed millions of times within a short period of time.

“I tagged kissing,” Hailey says in the video on his TikTok fan account. According to her Twitter profile, her name is Carmen Mattson. The banner artist reads: “Give me my first kiss.” “Serious?” he asks, after which the woman loudly yells, “Yes.”

According to him, the sign also read “I am 22”. “This is important,” says Healy. “I do, 100 percent. As long as you’re not 16 or something!” he shouts, after which the woman says she’s carrying her ID with her. She gave her ID to a security guard, who handed it to the performer. He reads her date of birth carefully and nibbles on the card to make sure it is not a fake card.

Convinced of the authenticity, he steps up to the woman and grabs her face. are you ready? Hailey asks. ,,are you ready? Is this your first kiss? When the woman said “yes” three times, he kissed her twice on the mouth. “Oh my gosh,” the fan can only say afterwards.

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Mattson himself shared the video on TikTok, where it garnered 938,000 likes and 3.8 million views in three days. After the concert, the woman took to Twitter to tell how excited she was. “I can’t believe Matty Healy kissed me,” she wrote. “He gave me two kisses, no man can live up to.”

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The woman’s request did not come out of nowhere, because singer Hailey often kisses fans during parties. Teammates like Robbie Williams have done the same in the past. But Hailey does things a lot more glamorously: He recently broke the news because he appeared to eat a piece of raw meat on stage, and he even got tattoos on stage.

The British band The 1975 are very popular in their country; All five of the group’s albums hit No. 1 on the record chart. Success in the Netherlands is modest, but the group is also doing well in Australia and America.

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