Within 24 hours in Spain from summer heat to winter cold

Within 24 hours in Spain from summer heat to winter cold


For example, Malaga enjoyed its hottest Easter day on Sunday, April 17, with a temperature of 33.1 degrees Celsius at the airport. In the Canary Islands alone it was 34.8 degrees. Summer weather is now coming to an end in most parts of the peninsula. In some places the mercury drops to 12 to 15 degrees. Also, it will rain and there will be less than 1,000 meters of snow here and there.

The Atlantic flood is moving westward into Spain and is behind the sudden climate change. The storm has not yet been named, but will enter the country via northwestern Spain.

In the first half of the week the storm will move towards the center of the Mediterranean. As it passes, the anterior part drops in temperature to lower values ​​than normal during the year. Atlantic air brings coolness and high humidity.

Extreme cold in the northern part of Spain

The worst-affected areas in Spain are the autonomous communities of Castile y Le லn and Aragon in the north. The storm will rain over most parts of Spain over the next few days. In the highlands the rain easily turns to snow.

On Wednesday, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alborne Sea between Andalusia and Morocco will be most affected by the effects of Atlantic rainfall.

Heavy rains are also expected locally in most parts of the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula due to cold snows.

Temperature and strong wind drop

Temperatures will drop in most parts of the country from Tuesday. In some places the mercury drops to 15 degrees for a while. In the mountains and southeastern regions, mercury freezes even at night. Mercury will reach 15 degrees in the northern part of the country on Tuesday. In Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country or Castilla y Lein the maximum temperature is 10 to 13 degrees Celsius.

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Temperatures drop, especially around the Straits of Gibraltar and the Alborne Sea, with strong winds. Strong winds are also blowing along the east coast and the Canary Islands.

From heat to rain

The sky will be overcast and it will rain on the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. According to Amethyst near Castellோன்n, Tarragona and eastern Aragon, there will be more rain. The people of Murcia and Alicante also need to bathe.

Snow line

To the west of the plateau, the Andalusian and Canary Islands will become cloudy with a chance of rain. Although they are not as severe as in other parts of the country. Also, fog is expected in mountainous areas and the snow line will drop to 700 meters in areas such as Cantabria and up to 1,800 meters in the south of the country.

When will the beautiful weather return?

If you are wondering about this, one thing is for sure: beautiful weather is not returning this week. April is always changeable and the weather fluctuations are also part of the Spanish spring.

After a temperature drop, values ​​rarely recover in the second half of the week. The rain will stop on Thursday. On the same day, a new Atlantic storm begins in the west. As it is expected to rain again in the last part of the week, it may play an important role in the weather pattern for the coming weekend.

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