With these VR gadgets you can quickly go through Metaverse

With these VR gadgets you can quickly go through Metaverse

Metawares, a world connected to our own world, but almost. Here everything is possible: Have coffee with your aunt from America, climb Mount Everest with your friends or defend a medieval castle against dragons. It’s possible that Mark Zuckerberg’s imagination came true. Or virtual reality. Anyone who has ever tried a VR headset has already experienced some of the same principle.

VR Gadgets for Metaverse

Since the acquisition of Oculus in Meta 2015, the company has been updating the current VR technology, which is comparable to the snake game on the 90’s Nokia in terms of virtual reality vision and experience. Not so excited. Metaverse may not be ready to launch right now, but like Metaverse, parts have been in development for years. Among other things, the metaway works in this.

Meta gloves

Full immersion, that’s what we have to do to make us believe we are somewhere else. Unfortunately, there are some issues with large mirrors in your head and two game controllers in your hands indicating that you are standing in the living room. When one of those hooks (or eyes) catches something on the VR, your subconscious mind knows it. The reason for that is that there is a lack of feedback because you do not feel with your hand that you are holding on to something. You see that you are taking something, you hear that you are taking something, but you do not feel it on the inside of your hand. It takes you far outside of virtual reality and brings you back to real reality.

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Meta knows it and wants to do something about it. For example, it works on gloves, MetaGloves, which solves this problem. The gloves are fitted with air cushions on the inside and outside of the glove. These can become swollen so you can feel the pressure and feel like you are touching, holding or hitting something. The severity of this depends on what you have. For example, a teddy bear feels softer than a brick. The gloves have elements to stretch your fingers and provide resistance when lifting a heavy one.

MetaGloves’ prototypes are a bit larger, clumsy and with spaghetti cables. But the purpose of the meta is to create elegant, stylish and seamless gloves that you can wear on a real world occasion. Tom Cruise’s bit on the minority statement.


Well, imagine that you are climbing the aforementioned Mount Everest with your friends. Expect it to be very cold there then. The English company Tesla suit works in full-body clothing similar to tight-fitting clothing. The suite uses “integrated electro-muscle stimulation”, for example, allowing your body to experience cool air. For example, Suite can simulate the impact of a bullet in your favorite action game. Why do you like this? Absolutely!

Style only simulates emotion, so you will not be in real danger. Where most VR headsets focus on the visual aspect, Tesla Suite and MetaGloves take a different approach by reacting the muscles to what is happening in the virtual world. Only when we experience this, do we realize how much we missed when it was not there.

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Movement in virtual reality

See, hear, feel now .. Check! But what do we still not see? To make the whole thing more believable we also need some kind of independent movement. Many companies are involved in finding the next big thing for this.

Cyber ​​shoes

So you have the cyber shoes for Oculus Quest. These are the kind of snowboard bindings for your boots that you can already buy. The idea is that you sit on a stool and barely put your feet on the floor. You slide your shoes on the floor and cyber shoes will record which way you walk. It’s very nice already, but you do not feel that complete freedom as you sit down.

Ecto One

Then there is a crazy invention: the Octo One. These are motorized boots that recede very slowly as you move one step forward. So you feel like you are walking, but you are still within the same one and a half meter because you have been placed back in your place unnoticed. It works very well. You alone can not run or jump on this technology alone. Not enough freedom again, especially since the boots seem to be too heavy.

Virtuix Omni One

Then we have the three most ambitious invention: Virtuix Omni One. This is a treadmill or sliding belt that you can use in all directions. This is a kind of large vogue pan in which you stand, with a rotating arm around your waist so you are in place. If you wear soft shoes, you can walk, run and jump. Suitable for real games. We have already seen that in the Ready Player One movie (this is definitely the best map of what VR should look like).

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Realistic Virtual Reality

All of these gadgets are getting used to.

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