With a little Frisian help, Jordan Stolz will get even better

With a little Frisian help, Jordan Stolz will get even better

Not so long ago, ski instructor Gellert Anima did not like Americans. In 2016, during the Olympics, he spoke on the US channel CNBC about their misplaced arrogance and narrow-mindedness.

They also wasted their time and energy on a useless sport like American football. They will never become good skaters, unless, of course, they come to train under his guidance.

On first acquaintance with the family of the world’s greatest skiing talent, American Jordan Stolz, the Frisians must have adopted a friendlier tone. Since the three-time world champion, at just 19 years old, he has been training as a student with the Frisian coach for the next three years.

Stolz, the youngest winner of the Oscar Mathisen (Skid Oscar) after compatriot Eric Hayden, follows the example of Shani Davis, Chad Hedrick and Heather Richardson, among others. Their substitution brought them a truckload of international titles.

Foreign skaters are no longer on the team

Different times, because from next season the ski association KNSB will forbid trade teams to have foreign skaters on their teams anymore. At Team Albert Heijn-Zaanlander they’re not losing sleep over it at the moment.

and Stolz? He is glad that he can train regularly at Telef. According to him, Heerenveen is the place of knowledge and skill where every talent becomes a better skier. Did Americans and Anima finally agree?

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