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This is a conscious lack of desire!

In these threads I see many people (same every time, by the way) defending the scarcity of Microsoft teeth. I do not understand that. Why are you using software that works against you?

I’ve used Windows for 25 years. (1996 – 2021: Windows NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10) I rarely had any problems, if any, until 7. With 8, the tampering began; I skipped that. Finally I switched to 10 on a new PC (2016), but now I’m sick and tired of it.

I’m tired of constantly jumping around to make my PC do what it wants, jumping through more and more loops for services like MS Accounts and OneDrive that I don’t want to use. I’m tired of constantly fighting with my software with every update. (“You can take out an X this way and that way” to me is just a buck or a hoop.)

If you decide to switch to Firefox instead of Edge, the operating system should make it easy & @%! $#% instead of working against me.

In June, I switched to Debian Stable on my platform. Thank God I’ve been switching to open source software since 2005, so I didn’t even have to change much for it. I have installed some games and 3 Windows software (there is no alternative in the open source world) under Wine with 100% success. The only program that I give up with a sad heart is Capture One (RAW editor). There is simply no software that can compete with that.

It’s really cool working now. The computer is the same day in and day out, no services, browsers or GUI changes are pushed and only security updates are installed. Programs I want to keep updated through Flatpak, so they get the latest version every time. I can use this system until 2026 without any changes… but I can also upgrade to Debian 12 and 13 in 2023 or 2025… at my convenience.

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Everything at work is MS, from front to back. Windows on the desktop, everything in Azure, software written in C#, meetings in Teams, full MS Office… it’s all MS. It works well by itself; No complaints about it. Fully managed by the IT team. (I’m a developer, so I don’t deal with that management).

But at home, I’m not a company looking for “turnkey solutions” that easily cost hundreds of euros per month for each workplace. There, I just want a PC that does _I_ the way you want it (not the way Microsoft or my employer wants it) and so MS did for me in the field.

Personally, I only use Visual Studio Code (from MS/open source) and GitHub, but if MS starts doing weird things with GitHub, I’ll be heading to GitLab in no time at all.

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