Will you be okay again?  Five questions about the Britney Spears case

Will you be okay again? Five questions about the Britney Spears case

Britney has been in receivership since 2008. It started when she had a mental breakdown in 2008, and was unable to make appropriate decisions about her psychological well-being and financial resources, according to a court. Her father, Jamie Spears, became her manager. Later it was expanded to a team.

This has been going on for 13 years now, which is great because Spears is a high performing person who earns millions from a thriving career. Britney is now filing an objection for the first time.

1. What is and is not allowed by Britney under this scheme?

Britney has no direct control over the millions she earns. According to her fans, most of the money also goes to the trustees. She told the court that she was forced to act.

She is forced on medication, too, which she says is often drunk. In addition, she stated in court that she had an IUD against her will, because her custodians did not want her to become pregnant, something that the singer herself wanted.

2. Is this really necessary?

Britney herself does not think so. She admits that she had mental problems in the past and that the strict management of her career helped her in the beginning. But she said in court that she is now a tied jacket, and “I feel like a nation.” In recent years, trustees have consistently pointed out that maintaining the scheme is in the best interests of Spears and her children.

4. How will her statement be responded to?

Americans are shocked by the many restrictions Britney says she will face. There is debate about the phenomenon of guardianship: Research shows, for example, that disoriented seniors are assigned a guardian very quickly and sometimes demand a large percentage of their assets as payment. Stars like Mariah Carey have expressed their support for Britney. Her ex Justin Timberlake is also concerned about the situation surrounding the values.

5. What next?

So Britney wants to get rid of the scheme. But the court must agree to this, and it also wants to hear from officials. The singer has a lawyer, but she was not allowed to choose one herself. If the judge decides she can hire a new attorney, this could delay the case. Ultimately, it is up to the judge to decide if she can get back on her feet again.

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