Will Trump be President of the United States again?  'He can hit anything'

Will Trump be President of the United States again? ‘He can hit anything’

Will Donald Trump become US President again in 2024? The former president will address thousands of his supporters at a rally in Iowa tomorrow, eager to see him again at the White House. “Sixty percent of Republicans are Trump supporters who are part of the Republicans,” Goen Peterson said. “It represents an extraordinary ‘Messiah-like dimension’ among politicians. It is very special.”

Peterson explains the way rallies are currently staying in Trump’s media in NPO 1, Good Morning in the Netherlands. “Because like his other social media, his Twitter account has been disconnected with nine million followers. So he has to reach his audience in a different way. You see all the cameras in those rallies are in it.

‘He knows how to touch people’

When Trump speaks at such a rally, there is “significant energy” that makes everyone stand back together, Peterson says. “So, it’s very difficult to explain in any other way. He knows how to touch people. It’s a showman with a great charm.

Peterson did not think Trump, who was referring to those ‘four more years’, would announce during a rally in Iowa that he would run again. “I think he will hold the cards a little and make a decision after the midterm elections at the end of next year,” he says. “Joe Biden’s declining popularity will continue and he knows if his position in the Republican Party is still strong today.”

‘From political surprise to political failure’

The former president’s biggest dream scene is that he is considered a ‘loser’, Peterson says. “He always blamed his opponents. That’s why he said he didn’t lose the last election, at least he didn’t get that stamp on his forehead. But twice when things go wrong, he goes from political surprise to political defeat.

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At the moment, at least many Republicans still see Trump as their preferred leader, Peterson says. “More than half of Republicans want him back on track in 2024.”

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