Will this canceled director make a comeback?

Will this canceled director make a comeback?

Roman Polanski was “unwanted” in the United States for many years, or upon his return, he would have been immediately arrested. Perhaps now, decades later, this will change.

In 1977, the Polish director was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. However, the filmmaker fled the country before the verdict was handed down. If he ever comes back, there’s a high chance he’ll end up in jail. So Polanski didn’t even return for his Oscar Pianist 2003 will be collected.

Now it seems that all this can be changed. The Los Angeles district attorney will reexamine the case “with an unbiased perspective.” So he allows a new, sealed transcript to be opened in the case.

Polanski has been calling for years that the transcript clearly shows he did not receive a fair trial at the time. It’s not yet known what will happen, but more news will undoubtedly follow soon.

Although Polanski can no longer make films in America, he can still do his thing in other countries. Now 88, the director lives in France but has made films across Europe.

This time he is again working on a new project viz Palace, which will be registered in Switzerland. However, financing the film was very difficult, mainly because of his convictions 45 years ago, but also because of allegations of transgressive behavior later on.

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