Will the British go to the European Championship with four countries?

Will the British go to the European Championship with four countries?

You see it especially where the Olympics and football meet. Football is also an Olympic sport, with the youth teams admittedly, because the big boys are showing it in a European Championship or World Cup, otherwise football will overwhelm other sports. But the UK can therefore only delegate one team; British.

Not a British football team

Football Association in Scotland, Welsh and Northern Ireland Refuse to participate For a joint team under the British flag. They fear that if they succumb to this, the FIFA will question their right to exist as independent football associations and the Football Association will dominate.

“I am disgusted with the English Football Association,” The president said From the Welsh Football Association on this. “They want to control the whole match, but we won’t let that happen. The Dragon on the Welsh flag is still spitting fire.” The Scottish Football Association accuses the English language of underestimating the feelings of other countries. So don’t expect a British soccer team to participate in Rio 2016.


In 2012 an exception was made, because the Games were in London. After much controversy, a British team finally arrived. In the men’s team, there were ultimately five Welsh players, and the rest of the selection consisted of English players.

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