Will Smith is back in the trailer for Emancipation

Will Smith is back in the trailer for Emancipation

will Smith Back to the AppleTV+ movie Release. He plays a enslaved man escaping through the swamps of Louisiana. Watch the trailer below.


Release It tells the triumphant story of Peter (Smith), a man escaping slavery, drawing on his wits, unwavering faith, and deep love for his family for brave cold-blooded fishermen and the unforgiving swamps of Louisiana in his quest for freedom. The film is inspired by the 1863 “Whipped Peter” photographs, taken during a Union Army medical examination, which first appeared in Harper’s Weekly. One photograph, known as “Back of the Flogging”, which shows Peter’s bare back mutilated with a flogging by his slaves eventually contributed to the growing popular opposition to slavery.

The lead roles are played by will SmithAnd the Ben FosterCharmaine Bengoa, Gilbert Orr, Mustafa Shakir, Stephen Oge, Grant Harvey, Ronnie Jane Bivens, Jason Warner Smith, Jabbar Lewis, Michael Lowe, Aaron Moten, Imani Bollum.

The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua Based on a screenplay by William N. Collage.

The True Story will be released on stage on December 2 in the US, and then on AppleTV+ on December 9.

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