Will Russia beat the United States and shoot a film on ISS first?

Will Russia beat the United States and shoot a film on ISS first?

The good old space race between Russia and the United States is now being taken to the next level. Russia recently announced that it has selected candidates for the film ‘Visov’ or ‘The Challenge’, which will be filmed on ISS. Russians Yulia Perseild and Klim Shipenko are professionals. Actress and director, and they launched the ISS on October 5 with the Soyuz-MS19 missile. So Russia will be a little earlier than their American counterparts, actor Tom Cruise and director Doug Lyman, who will be joining ISS in October. Exact date Not yet known). They travel with the first crew dragon carrying three ‘tourists’ instead of professional astronauts. Pilot Michael Lopez will accompany Alleria and Cruise, Lyman and 1 tourist, see also this AP. In May of last year, Tom Cruise was hired by ISS for a film that was actually filmed in space. Upon learning that he would be traveling to, it was announced that Russia would set up such a ‘competitive’ film program.

ISS, Soyuz on credits; NASA

In December 2020, Roscosmos announced a casting round for the film. Potential candidates for the female role in the film had to meet several requirements based on age, appearance and physical condition. In addition to being Russian citizens, they must be between 25 and 40 years old and weigh 50 to 70 kg. They can run 1km in 3.5 minutes and swim 800m in 20 minutes, no matter how small and are not afraid of heights. On Thursday, May 6, it was announced that actress Yulia Percild (36) is known Battle for Sevastopol, 2015, Netflix) and director Klim Shipenko (37) named for the disaster film Saliat7, 1985 D-13 mission) lucky. Both will train in June, including centrifugal and parabolic flight tests. One of Russia’s leading television channels will document the astronaut’s training. Channel One, Who will be involved in the production of the film. Roscosmos director Dmitry Rosokin is the co-producer of the film. Many details are not known, but Roscosmos wants to further enhance Russia’s space operations. Source: The Guardian, CDN News

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