Wilfried Jenny: "It makes sense not to say anything about the sixth" |  show

Wilfried Jenny: “It makes sense not to say anything about the sixth” | show

Wilfried Jenny thinks it “makes sense not to say anything” about stopping the TV show today inside† That’s what the 54-year-old presenter says on his radio show Friday movement on BNR. “It just doesn’t make sense at the moment to respond to feelings,” Jenny said.

He says the broadcaster’s emotions were high last week. Then I think it would be wise to take a step back. If you start yelling all kinds of things out of feelings, it becomes even more difficult.”

Jenny wonders a week after quitting smoking Today inside yes He wondered what he “could have done differently”. “I think in this situation I was calmer, calmer and not trying to fix everything.” Genee was referring to previous riots on the show, which About rapper Akwasi


Johan decided to stop and I thought we should show solidarity

Wilfried Jenny

On Johann Derricksen’s decision to “stop” the show, Jenny says: “Johan decided to stop and I think we should show solidarity in that.” Last week, Genee slowed down a bit and had a “quiet week”: I went to the beach in Scheveningen with my children for a few days.

A week ago, it was announced that Johann Derricksen, Wilfried Jenny and Rene van der Geep would immediately stop working on Today Inside. This was just a few days after there was an uproar over Dirksen’s comments about an unconscious woman being penetrated with a candle, some fifty years ago. The analyst changed his story in the broadcast that followed, stating that there had been no hack. We are now working behind the scenes to get the show back Today insideAnd maybe Johann Dirksen, too.

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