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MavsAs François and Wilfred seemed to be the perfect couple Married at first sight, the two of them had now fallen from a pink cloud. And very difficult. On a new episode of RTL4, Wilfred revealed on Wednesday night that his love affair with François is over. He indicated that he did not have those butterflies.

It seemed right at the altar: François and Wilfred smiled when their eyes met and in the weeks that followed, the two seemed to grow closer. During their honeymoon, François and Wilfred embrace, and later there are tentative talks about living together.

Now discarded, those plans for the future became painfully clear Wednesday night on a new episode of Married at first sight. Behavioral biologist Patrick Van Veen initially paid him an unexpected visit, hoping to find the men together. When it turned out that Wilfred was alone, Van Veen’s alarm bells began to ring. “Something changed last week, so you’re not here together,” he said.


You can see him fighting with butterflies in his stomach

Patrick Van Veen

Wilfred couldn’t help but agree that something really did happen and made a shocking revelation: we had a conversation and it didn’t go well. So we chose to leave it as it is and turn it off.” Van Veen didn’t expect it. If the feeling isn’t there on one hand, there’s no point in continuing. Self-defense, he said, who said it was his choice to end his relationship with François. This looks better to me.”

Where did this self-protection suddenly come from, Van Veen wondered. It really pampered me, said Wilfred. ,, And after my visit to the art museum I had something like: I shouldn’t finish this. He noted that he did not have those butterflies. annoying.”


The whole situation was visibly high for Wilfred, tears burning behind his eyes. ,, that happens. That’s how it goes,” he tried to hold his ground. But Van Veen knew the thorn was different. “He exposed himself. He is really in love. You almost see him fighting with butterflies in his stomach. While on the other side there is a partner, François, who says: “Yeah, I don’t know yet. I don’t feel it yet.”

Wilfrid thought he was unharmed, though he was sad. At least not by François. “He’s also just a really nice guy. Only the butterflies aren’t there. And it hurts me, because I have him. And every time I face it. If it finally happens, I’m going to choose for myself to stop.”

With couples weekend just around the corner, Wilfred still has a few tough days ahead of him. “I’ll do it, but it won’t go well anyway,” he concluded.

Next week’s preview shows Francois and Wilfred will be hitting the couples weekend together.

Francois and Wilfred at MAFS. © RTL

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