Wife discovers her husband sells healthy lunch from home  abroad

Wife discovers her husband sells healthy lunch from home abroad

The couple was not massive financially and therefore wanted to save money. From now on, the breadwinner will go to work with a healthy lunch. Made by my dear wife.

But meanwhile the man kept ordering fast food in the canteen at work. Healthy sandwiches from home? Sell ​​it to a colleague. Nobody notices.

Until he came home with a friend. We were sitting at the table and his colleague started talking about the sandwiches I made for my husband and how delicious they were. “I thanked him and then said they were on the slightly expensive side,” said the woman, whose story was widely reported in the US media.


Clarification required immediately. The fellow bluntly says he buys the sandwiches, the other guy denies it first. When the colleague leaves, the two have a heated discussion on the topic. According to the man, who has now admitted his actions, he is making no mistake. Canteen food can be paid for from lunch at home, so no additional costs will be incurred. “He asked for an apology and he didn’t think it was okay for me to be angry about it. I told him I wouldn’t make any more sandwiches.”

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