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I am in the process of reproducing this problem on my iPhone 11 pro max running on 14.6.

The point is that the SSID name so equal to Contains the following somewhere

%p %s %s %s %s %s %n

without quotes. Not much happens with quotes. My phone now so far can no longer be activated.

However, my macbook can connect to this SSID without any issues.
I just removed the other SSID from Network Preferences on my Mac and it immediately indicated that it is no longer usable for other devices that have iCloud Keychain.

This is not completely synced directly because I think this process will also be killed. My iPhone disabled Wi-Fi, but when I go back to the settings screen, the broken SSID still shows up as the network that is currently connected. I’ll reboot now and see if I can sync to iCloud again over 4G.

And this works, the Wifi is turned on again without the need to reset the network.

Edit: The problem then lies in the fact that the credentials are there and the device continues that entire list when wifi is activated. Once he encounters the net to check it will get wet. So if you can remove it with another device, don’t worry.

Edit 2: The SSID must contain the above string just in order to trigger the error at the end. The following SSID took more effort but eventually stopped as well:

Talkers %p %s %s %s %s %s %n

It also hacks the other way:

%p %s %s %s %s %s %n Shoes

Edit 3: In further testing I found out that just having the credentials is not enough. On iOS, you will always have to reconnect to the network first. iCloud Keychain only ensures that the credentials are already there once, but the network must be manually connected twice (but you don’t have to enter the credentials afterwards). The first time an error occurs immediately, but the second time it takes a little longer and crashes.

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TL; DR, so a network reset is not necessary if you have a Mac and both devices can exchange credentials via iCloud keychain.

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