Why You Shouldn’t Rinse Empty Jars, and Other Cleaning Tips |  Cleaning tips

Why You Shouldn’t Rinse Empty Jars, and Other Cleaning Tips | Cleaning tips

Cleaning adviceWith the last weekends of summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to give your storage room a makeover or give it an overhaul, says cleaning expert Marja Middledorp. “Every year, it seems as if little gnomes fill that storage room with things.” With these tips, you can relax and separate waste easily.

“It’s so nice to get back to a disciplined life after all the freedom that vacation provides,” says Marga. “There is nothing wrong with that.” This includes a tidy storage room. Because more things always end up in there than you think. You came into my storage room the other day and thought about it. You know the drill. There’s even a bunch of car tires that I no longer use.”

Late summer is the time to take care of your shed or storage room. “The weather is still nice now and you can put everything outside,” says Marga. “But a lot of things can go away too. Just do it. Don’t save it because you’ll use it someday.”

Once upon a time, discarded items were thrown almost carelessly into the residual waste. “I have to admit I thought that too easily. But now that we’re more concerned about the climate, I’ve taken a closer look at how to dispose of everything responsibly.

Fry the fat

,, Let’s start with old frying fat. Don’t secretly flush that down the toilet. This will give you bad hindrances. Many supermarkets and sports clubs now have a yellow or blue container that you can throw away. This fat is converted into biofuel. Nice to know. So good things happen with your waste.

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Empty jars and bottles

Many people rinse empty jars of, for example, leftover peanut butter with hot water. “Don’t do that,” Marga advises. Dirty glass jars and bottles may be left in the bottle bank. Washing dishes at home costs unnecessary energy. And it is still being cleaned at the glass factory.


“The bag of chips always had leftovers for me. That used to be the rule, but that’s changed. Chip bags and aluminum coffee pods are now allowed with plastic. So it’s a good idea to check from time to time to make sure nothing has changed.

Spray cans and cosmetics

“How many cans of deodorant and hair spray do we actually have these days? They should be disposed of with the remaining waste. Just like old cosmetics.”

to you

“One more thing has changed. Tea bags always had to be disposed of with the residual waste, but nowadays you can simply dispose of them with the green waste, including the label and string.”’

big stuff

“Nowadays you have a lot of repair cafes. So if you have an appliance, take it to this cafe and try to fix it. You can also often get rid of other large items at a thrift store. So you see there are many ways to dispose of your waste and they are It’s still in circulation again.”

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Finally, one last tip for people who are annoyed by seagulls opening plastic bags full of trash. “Just ask for free yellow gull bags from your municipality. Just do it. That saves a lot of dirt on the street.”

Return to Marga’s storage room. Now it’s sleek and stretched out, with only those tires left. ,, This gives a nice feeling, like a tidy storage room. Just don’t keep too much. You will be collecting new things anyway, and you don’t have to work hard for it. And those tires? They really have to go, but yeah that’s hard, because you have to remove the rough dirt yourself, so I have to arrange a car for someone. But it will be fine.”

Do you want to know how to separate your waste? Visit your municipality’s website or visit afvalscheidingswijzer.nl.

Do you also have a pressing cleaning issue that you would like to send to Marja Middeldorp? Send an email to this is the address ([email protected]) in your name.

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