Why is your stomach flat in the morning?

Why is your stomach flat in the morning?

Your stomach shows in the morning Flatter than later in the day. You may think every morning that your waste project is going well. But in the evening it is disappointing again. Your stomach feels flat in the morning for a number of reasons related to natural body processes that occur during sleep and activities during the day.

1. Reduce gas and swelling while sleeping

During sleep, your digestive activities are less intense than when you are awake. There is less food and drink, which means less gas is produced from the digestive process. Gastroenterologists point out that the gases that accumulate in your intestines during the day slowly dissipate at night because your body naturally gets rid of them while you rest. This makes your stomach feel and look flat in the morning.

2. Tone the abdominal muscles

During the day, when you eat and drink, the muscles surrounding the stomach and intestines temporarily lose activity, causing them to stretch to accommodate the contents of the stomach and intestines. This leads to a fuller stomach. After a night without eating, these muscles have time to recover and return to their normal state, making your stomach look flat in the morning.

3. Night digestion

At night, your body continues to digest food and absorb nutrients, but at a slower pace. This means that the buildup of food that causes gas and bloating during the day will decrease by morning. That’s why you start your day feeling less bloated.

4. Body position

A horizontal position while sleeping also helps circulate body fluids, reducing buildup in the abdominal area that can occur during the day when you’re upright.

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All of these factors contribute to your stomach appearing flat in the morning. This phenomenon is completely normal and is not a sign of health problems. It is simply a reflection of your body’s natural cycles and digestion.

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