“Why is this man on the podium?” Helpless Rage on a revealing book.

Arnott Jaspers’ “De Stikstoffuik” was an unprecedented success. The book also unleashed unprecedented aggression among some politicians, activists, journalists and environmentalists. It seems that many have not read the book, but they still cannot hide their disgust.

This horror is more than fantastic, because Arnout Jaspers – himself a physicist – wrote a very realistic book. Six weeks after the book was published, the facts Jaspers used had not yet been challenged on factual grounds by anyone—environmentalist or otherwise—on factual grounds.

The angry attacks on the author and his book were all the more appealing, because until the publication of “De Stikstoffuik” no independent author – without interests in the environmental or nitrogen-producing sectors – had criticized Dutch nitrogen policy in book form. written. It turns out that many of Jaspers’ detractors wanted to keep it that way.

How can this outrage at a media book critical of Dutch government policy be realistically explained? Maybe this is fodder for psychologists, sociologists, or political scientists. Reporter Nick Oettens has already picked up some of the angry reactions to the appearance of “De Stikstoffuik”.

“Injection of illiteracy by nature”

Science Denial and Conspiracy Thinking.

Marie Kuipersjournalist KRO-NCRV, former specialist in social media at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TwitterMarch 25

“Poor writing to create indisputableness without actual proof.”

Mike FluhrAssistant Professor of Classical Antiquity at Leiden University. TwitterMarch 26

“Why is this man on the podium?”

Peter De LeoArcadis ecologist, TwitterApril 2

Most scientists have made mincemeat out of the work of a “nitrogen trap” author, but since he appeared on WNL he was the Messiah of Denial, and Wilders was on top.

Wouke van Scherrenburgformer journalist, former candidate for D66 House of Representatives, Twitter5 April

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Barely a hundred pages of argument, still €21.50. The nitrogen trap has nothing to do with science. It’s an eclectic mishmash of characters and theories, with no relevant context, temptingly formulated toward biased and ideologically colored conclusions, with many factual errors – sloppy or intentional.

Sander Wiringaformer financial journalist, media coach and secretary of the Stichting Natuur-en Milieugroep Vught, April 7

A libel that ignores legal history, ecology, jurisprudence, trias politica, science education [en] Principles of good governance.

John FullenbrookChairman (Nitrogen Working Group) Mobilizing for the Environment, Twitter7 April

“It’s strange that the cloth is taken so seriously by some at all.”

Sydney Smithlawyer, former Member of Parliament D66, Twitter8 April

Of course it is jerky and full of errors and distortions. Otherwise, it will not contradict the flag.

Rolf Schottenhelmscience journalist for ao no And correspondentAnd Twitter11 April

Some people are so eager to believe that there are no problems that they are willing to believe anything. This is the ‘nitrogen trap’.

Sander Turnhoutconsultant, typesNL, wild fauna and flora knowledge network, Twitter14 April

“embarrassing business”.

Sam Gritsa freelance journalist for AO De Volkskrant And Follow the moneyAnd Twitter14 April

“Scientists make minced meat out of it.”

Keith Verhoevenformer MP D66, Twitter14 April

an emphatic right-wing view of the matter, [geen] A well-balanced journalistic production that highlights the nitrogen crisis from all sides.

Lucas van der StormAgricultural Reporter and Nitrogen devotion15 April

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“Pocket Bible for the Unbelievers and Deniers (Nitrogen).”

Jean-Pierre Guilined De VolkskrantAnd Twitter15 April

I think it’s distasteful, because of both the populist language and manipulative thinking. Not an objective search for facts, but a hateful slander by my instinctive mother. I think 21.50 euros for 131 pages is a rip off. Author Arnott Jaspers hardly distinguishes between facts and his points of view. Refuting questionable claims or providing explanatory context for questionable claims is corrupt business.

Patrick Jansenassociate professor at WUR “Environmental Sciences”, columnist devotionAnd Twitter15 April

“Time for introspection at WNL as Jaspers were put on the shield without hearing the opponents.”

Arend Jan BoekestijnLecturer-Researcher (Historian) University of Utrecht, former Member of Parliament VVD (now: Volt), Twitter15 April

Nitrogen trap. Politicians under the influence of the environmental lobby by Arnold Jaspers It is a publication of the publisher Blauburgwal. The book was released on April 12, 2023 In first place in the top 60 best sellers CPNB. After a week he was there 25,000 copies sold: an unprecedented number for a popular science book in the Dutch language. The book is on sale everywhere, including at Wynia’s Weekly.

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