Why is horse racing one of the best sports you should become a fan of in 2022?

Why is horse racing one of the best sports you should become a fan of in 2022?


Equestrian sports were and still are a dream sport for many people. The freedom it gives but also authenticity. There are many different forms of equestrian sports, but horse racing is perhaps one of the most famous. Perhaps this one appeals to the imagination more than others. But what makes horse racing so special and why is it still a sport worth becoming a fan in 2022?

It’s more than just a race

Equestrian sports are not just a spectacle, there is much more to them than that. From a day out for some of the British upper class to a real spectacle you can watch at home while betting on your horse. It’s no coincidence that “betting on the wrong horse” is such a catchy phrase. It stems from its popularity Betting on horses I have for many years. We regularly see horse racing in movies. This makes following the races feel more personal.

Equestrian sports are not only physical

What else will make equestrian sports popular in 2022? It is no longer 100% physical exercise. There are many game makers who understand that the pounding of horses’ hooves and stress puts us on the edge of the seat. They have developed a special RNG (Random Number Generator), which allows a computer to randomly select a horse in a racing simulation. You see the horses galloping as if they were in a game, but you have no idea who will win. It shows that even in this digital age, horse racing has made the leap from the 19th century track to the pixel-filled screen.

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There is not much tension

Sports can be boring. From the hard-to-understand rules of cricket to the endless sounds of helicopters and skinny athletes on bicycles in the Tour de France. Nowadays we like short and concise. With the advent of TikTok and Instagram reels, our arc doesn’t always last the same length. So horse racing, although it is an ancient sport, is also a great sport to remain a fan of.

It usually only takes the horses 10 minutes to run down the track. The sport is already very popular in many Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth countries. Every year there are around 1,000 people taking part in the Grand National race in Liverpool 400 and 600 million viewers In front of the television to find out which horse will win the race. This race has been held in the country since the late 19th century.

Finally, a female winner

The same Grand National in Liverpool last year also presented the first race that would bring horse racing into the 21st century. After 182 years, it won The first female knight Race. Rachel Blackmore, a 31-year-old professional horsewoman from Ireland, outperformed everyone with her horse and managed to win the prize money of £750,000. Women have only been allowed to take part in this prestigious horse race since 1975, so this was the first time a woman had also won in 2021. Other riders, such as Kate Walsh, Hayley Turner and Michelle Payne, are hoping to set an example for other women in this race. Sports for climbing ranks.

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Horse racing remains a classic

Finally, horse racing could become a popular sport in 2022 because it remains a classic sport in which the best rider wins. There is really no tactic, but it is the pure muscle power of the horse and the riding skills of the rider that make this sport worth practicing and watching.

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