Why do you have to yawn when you see someone else do that?

Why do you have to yawn when you see someone else do that?

Yawning or yawning is contagious. According to science, this is very easy to explain. It is said that if you see another person yawning, you are six times more likely to yawn as well. This has to do with the concept of social reflection. Copy someone else’s behavior.

Scratch or laugh

This can also happen if someone else scratches or laughs. Your mirror neurons are fired at that moment. What you see or feel is associated with certain behaviors (scratching, yawning). It is also often a form of social contact and social relationships become closer as a result.

complex reflex

Everyone yawns sometimes, especially when you’re tired. In science, yawning is seen as a complex reflex. It is triggered by changes in context and neurophysiological changes. This often happens during the transition from sleep to wakefulness or vice versa. Yawning would provide alertness and thus make you feel more alert. In addition, the change in brain temperature will also cause yawning. So there are two types: yawning that occurs as a result of a physiological change and yawning that occurs when you see someone else yawning.

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