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Why do some turtles have no age complaints?

As we get older, we have to deal with all kinds of problems that have to do with aging. Some old turtles barely show signs of aging. how is that possible?

140 scientists collaborated to find out. They studied 77 species of reptiles and amphibians and found that crocodiles, salamanders and turtles at a certain age are very slow.

One thing seems to contribute to this: wearing armor. Some animals with body armor do not have the problems of biological aging. The slow pace of life also appears to have something to do with it, although the researchers found no evidence to support the theory that fast or slow metabolism — something that varies greatly between warm- and cold-blooded animals — plays a significant role.

Of course we can’t all begin to live like a tortoise, but a better understanding of the processes that make their long, healthy lives possible – even apart from a jockey’s suit – can eventually do something for us to combat the aging in us and help us understand and protect the species.

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