Why are all these new sports cars destroyed |  car

Why are all these new sports cars destroyed | car

In the United States, dozens of completely new Corvette models were destroyed after a hurricane hit the factory where they were made. It is said to belong to 120 copies of the famous sports car.

Earlier this month, a tornado destroyed the Chevrolet plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Corvettes are produced at this plant. For about 120 cars irreparably damaged by the storm. Pictures of Facebook user J. Werner recently surfaced via CorvetteBlogger. Shows how damaged cars are ready for destruction.

It’s probably more cruisers than those 120, since those were just the cars that were really beyond repair. Factory personnel are currently checking the remaining vehicles to ensure they are still suitable for sale.

Owners of destroyed vehicles will be contacted by their local Chevrolet dealer and asked to resubmit their application, the website reports. Carscoops.com. The damage to the plant was extensive enough to halt production. As a result, customers have to wait longer to get their cars, also because the backlog of hurricane-damaged cars must be compensated. In the Netherlands, the new Corvette will cost about 150 thousand euros.

Watch the cars and navigation videos below:

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