Why a doctor’s advice to “go to the sea” is good for your health

Why a doctor’s advice to “go to the sea” is good for your health

The researchers base this knowledge on a large-scale study of more than 15,000 people from 14 European countries (including the Netherlands). explains the researcher involved in this project, Sandra Geiger Saintas He explains how it works: “First, we asked people about their general health. Then we asked them how close they were to the sea and how many times they had visited the sea in the past 12 months.”

Many questions were asked: for example about their activities on the coast. Demographic data in the study also played a role. “We found that across all countries, people reported better health when they lived near the sea or spent more time by the sea.”

It’s important to realize that this is a correlational study, Geiger says. “Based on our study, we can conclude that people who live near the sea or who visit the sea often have better health. However, based on our study, we cannot conclude that the sea makes people healthier.”

Another study on the (positive) effects of the sea

A University of Washington study of more than 1,000 beachgoers found that staying at the beach reduced anxiety, depression, and stress. In addition to your mood, the sea also stimulates creativity. So it’s not surprising that after your vacation you often feel like you can come back to it or that you’ve gained all kinds of inspiration.

The same study also showed that people who live with a sea view suffer from significantly fewer psychological problems. They also have a very low stress level and are usually better at putting things into perspective. I was about to move because of that…

Why is it better by sea?

The fact that staying on the coast is good for your health is age-old advice. Doctors have advised wealthy and wealthy patients to do this for centuries. Why is it really better for you?

According to Geiger, this may be because the air at sea is often less polluted. Being at sea also encourages people to be more physically active, such as water sports, walking or cycling. In addition, people often go to the sea with others. This social interaction can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Sea water itself also contains useful substances. The water is full of vitamins and minerals such as iodine, potassium and magnesium. Taking a dip in the sea every now and then also ensures that these healthy substances are absorbed into your skin. Salt water, rich in potassium, removes dead skin cells and also has a bactericidal effect. Think of it as a free exfoliator from Mother Nature.

Are you in a recession? Or is your health failing you? This is your sign to plan a trip to one of these beautiful beaches. Just say it’s on doctor’s orders.

source: Saintas/Libelle.be

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