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Are you good with words? Does Dutch Grammar Have Some Secrets? You are also probably very good with a screwdriver and hammer. French scientists came to this remarkable conclusion after brain scans. cleverness Ease of speaking in the same part of the brain.

We’ve known this since 2019. At the French research center Inserm, they wanted to know exactly how this works on motor skills, like hammering a nail into the brain.

They put the test subjects under the scanner and had them make grammatical associations. In another experiment, they had to use pliers to take a ball out of a narrow hole and put it into another hole. Meanwhile, the scanner recorded exactly what was going on in the brain.

In both cases, the researchers saw exactly the same activity in the brain. Especially the dorsal striatum, the part of which also plays a role social skills And the basal ganglia, the brain’s control center, were equally active in both cases (pictured).

The French saw something else remarkable during this investigation. People who started training with tools became better at grammar and vice versa. They may also learn more easily a foreign language. You make your mind better and with it your mouth and hands. In Montessori schools they did this for some time with special games. Now there is scientific support for this.

French scientists believe that both functions developed early in our evolution. When man came into being, we had to learn to communicate and search or work together. They wrote in Science that it seems logical that the same parts of the brain were developed for this.

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