Who will win the perfect picture?  Emotional, model, or underdog?  |  show

Who will win the perfect picture? Emotional, model, or underdog? | show

with reconnaissanceLadies final night The perfect picture. But who set himself up flash girls Will he win in Iceland? Linda Hakeboom, Geraldine Kemper and Tina de Bruin all appeared in their own unique way in the popular photography competition on RTL 4.


Who will win Picture Perfect?

  • Linda Häckeboom (35%)

  • Geraldine Kemper (28%)

  • Tina Brown (37%)

2322 votes

Sentimentalism – Linda Hackebom

Whether it’s because of the illness she suffered – Linda Hackebom has recovered from breast cancer – or whether it’s because of her personality, Linda seems to put feeling into every photo. These are not just pictures that the presenter and documentary filmmaker takes, but every picture has to tell us something. The most exciting part was filming with Rod de Wilde. He survived colon cancer, but it left a scar. Along with Linda, he puts on a show for the trio as they both show off their scars. A tough shootout for judges, Judges William Rotten and Cynthia Ball. Since feelings are always there, sometimes Linda just wants to be photographically sloppy. This is a stumbling block for her to victory.

Model – Geraldine Kemper

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Presenter Geraldine Kemper has been in front of the camera many times in her life, so she knows the process inside out. However, the 32-year-old from Volendam was not very noticeable in this match. She often scored well enough to conquer a spot in the middle bracket. But in recent weeks it has been floating more and more on top of it. In the previous episode, for example, she won an advertising shoot in which a car had to jump. She also scored well with her personal three-draw on freedom and a place in the final was easily secured. Will Geraldine surprise everyone in the final battle?

Tina De Bruyne – Underdog

Let Tina de Bruin be an inspiration to many. If something fails, don’t give up right away. At first, the comedian was the laughing stock of the group. Was the image sharp? No, of course not. whom are in danger zone? Tina of course. But slowly the 47-year-old humorist grew on the show. Her photos just got better and better. not always. She can mess up her first shot and then shine high. Just before the final, she was at her peak as she spoke a triptych about freedom. It was animated by images of a pregnant woman wearing a Putin mask, Trump breastfeeding, and a self-portrait as a saint with the two lying on her chest. The jury was very impressed and gave Tina a 9.3. Is the underdog suddenly a finalist?

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The finale of Het Perfecte Plaatje can be watched tonight and next week at 8.30pm on RTL 4.

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