WHO searches for another name for monkeypox because it is a 'stigma'

WHO searches for another name for monkeypox because it is a ‘stigma’

According to a group of experts who have consulted with the World Health Organization, diseases and viruses should be given names that cannot be offensive or harmful to cultural, social, national, regional, occupational or ethnic groups. Also, the names must not have a negative impact on trade, travel, tourism, or animal welfare.

roman numerals

The names of the different types of the virus have already been changed by experts. These variants previously had geographical names: the Congo Basin and the West African variant. Geographical names have now been deleted and changed to Roman numerals I and II.

Continuing misunderstandings about monkeys are evidenced by the poisoning of a group of monkeys in Brazil. wrote about it We earlier this article.

Scientists say the name monkeypox doesn’t cover it either: the disease was discovered in a monkey in 1958, but the carriers of the disease are mainly rodents.

Discrimination and stigma

Bring experts in June a permit In which they wrote: “In the context of the current global outbreak, the ongoing association between the virus and Africa is not only incorrect, but also discriminatory and stigmatizing. We therefore believe a neutral label is appropriate.”

Assigning new names is the responsibility of the World Health Organization. He now engages citizens in the search: there is a file special site I opened where anyone can leave suggestions (under the heading ICD-11).

According to the latest figures, 1,025 people have contracted the virus in the Netherlands. To date, 5,500 people have been vaccinated against monkeypox in our country.

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