Wie is 'Chase Sikorski', het vriendje van Anna Delvey?

Who is Chase Sikorsky, Anna Delphi’s boyfriend?

In the article on which the series is based, the man also remains unknown, but some facts give hints about his identity. For example, he was already in the TED Talk circuit, and there was a profile about him in it New Yorker He was in regular contact with the scammer in 2015.

From New York Post Keep a close eye on speculation online and then come up with two potential men. One of them is David Sheng. This Australian once gave a TEDx talk about people”ConnectedAnd this is a fictional thing that Chase also said in the series. Additionally, Shing in. Also New Yorker stood up. But there is another good candidate who fulfills both of these requirements: Ray Kurzweil. The only thing is that both men are much older than Anna – Shing 50 and Kurzweil 73 – who is 31.

Hunter Lee Suek

Another name that is often mentioned is Hunter Lee Soik. Fits the above profile and is 40 years old. He lived in Dubai and really wanted to make an app about dreams called Shade† Chase introduced a similar idea in Anna’s creationwhich makes Soik seem like a very good option.

Soik is the founder and current president of the Ensō Group. The Hong Kong-based company focuses on investing in technological innovation. Anna’s potential ex-husband was born in Seoul, Korea, but raised in the United States. And he did not respond to the doubts of fans of the series and his involvement with Anna Delphi.

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