Where Omroep Zwart and Sylvana Simons look alike - Joop

Where Omroep Zwart and Sylvana Simons look alike – Joop


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Portraits of rapper Aquasi

Aquasi already appeared there. Wander on a cheerful TV show full of self-confident guys who had the chance to do their thing.

Hardly anyone saw Omrup Zwart’s first broadcast on television. no wonder. The timing was completely impossible and not announced beforehand. In addition, an important part of the target group of young people will be used for regular television. Who chooses to use a computer or iPhone your special moment† Omroep Zwart watch numbers are improving.

I saw the broadcast after breakfast Using NPO Start Sylvana Simmons kept looming in my mind. When he was elected, many expected a tigress on the pulpit filled with hatred for the white men facing him. Instead, a high-class lady appeared, in quite clear discussions, who put her finger on the many wounds. She did not look for a scapegoat but relentlessly exposed the structural flaws of Dutch society, to the point where she occasionally managed to rid Rota of his eternal smile.

The outlook surrounding Omroep Zwart is like two drops of water. After all, Aquasi is behind him. Well, then you can expect something. That would be terrible. It became a constant hatred against the hardworking white citizen. I wondered up front why the nonprofit would deal with such undermining of the Netherlands.

The participants of the first Omroep Zwart TV show did not in any way oppose anyone or anything. They were proud of who they were and what they could do. They showed it. The entire show was a constant expression of self-awareness. Just like Sylvana Simmons shows in the House. we are here. We love life. We know what to make of it. We came to stay. We don’t leave anyone behind. It was also a kind of middle class appearance that wasn’t bred on boiled potatoes and sliced ​​pork.

What a difference with those oppressed addresses in Ongehoord Nederland or the gloating of GeenStijl.

I’ve become an old fart. Just give me this:

As for the rest, I am of the opinion that the subsidy scandal should not disappear from public attention, as well as the Groningen natural gas issue.

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