When should you go for a medical pedicure?

A medical pedicure can be a good idea for many reasons. It gives a little extra care that a regular pedicure just doesn’t. Just like a physiotherapist in a pedicure, your feet, cuticles and nails are taken care of, but they go much further than that.

Who does a medical pedicure?

A medical pedicure is performed by a professional with a medical background, such as a podiatrist or medical pedicure. These specialists have undergone training in which they learn how to detect, diagnose and treat foot problems.

Who should use a medical pedicure?

People with so-called risk feet can go to a pedicure. This includes diabetics – they are particularly prone to foot problems.

Diabetics need to be extra careful with their feet. Diabetes can lead to poor circulation and numbness in the feet, making cuts and infections less likely to be noticed. A medical pedicure can help detect and treat any foot problems in a timely manner.

Ingrown nails can be very painful and may lead to infection. A manicurist can properly trim and care for the nail to prevent it from becoming an ingrown nail.

Corns and calluses can be very annoying and sometimes painful. A professional pedicure can remove these problems without damaging the skin.

Fungal nails are nails infected with a fungus. This infection can be very persistent and must be treated properly to prevent the fungus from spreading. Using a medical pedicure can help with this.

Rheumatism can lead to all kinds of foot problems, such as joint pain, lack of movement, and deformity of the foot. A medical pedicure can treat these problems in a professional manner and advise on proper foot care.

Where can you go for a medical pedicure?

In the practice where medical pedicures are performed, all materials are available to take good care of the feet and solve or alleviate problems. This way they can also help you if you need a manicure prosthesis or nail repair. You can also go to a medical pedicure for preventive treatment.

If you suffer from foot problems, it is recommended that you consider a medical pedicure. These specialists can best help you detect, diagnose, and treat foot problems and can advise you on appropriate care for your feet. Not sure if you need a medical pedicure? Then discuss it beforehand with a medical pedicure, they can advise you of what you need.

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