WhatsApp stops using Google Drive when you switch devices

WhatsApp stops using Google Drive when you switch devices

You can save WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive. When you change devices, you can download your history again. However, the way you use this will change.

For years, when using WhatsApp on Android, you could back up your account to Google Drive. If you need to reinstall your device or change devices, you can retrieve your conversation history there.

In the fall of 2023, news came that the storage space you used on Google Drive would count toward your total. Until then, storage was free, so you didn’t deviate from the 15GB you get as standard from Google.

No more Google Drive

Today, a beta version of the WhatsApp application is being released that contains a noticeable change. In this version, the link with Google Drive completely disappeared when changing devices.

Image by WABetainfo

When you switch devices, you’ll see a screen with a QR code. When you erase this on your new device, you transfer all the data like chats, photos, and videos.

As far as we can see, all your data from WhatsApp will still be stored via Google Drive. The only thing that changes is the procedure when switching devices. As mentioned earlier, this change is only for WhatsApp beta users. However, it won’t be long before this is also released in the standard edition.

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