What we can learn from the mafia

What we can learn from the mafia

They are and are criminal organizations: the mafia. But without being really aware of it, we are talking about very well-regulated organizations from which an ordinary company in the Netherlands can learn a lot. Not from the criminal side, but from the organizational side, at least that’s what Jean-Just Kron, guest at Werkprofessor today thinks.

Jan-Just Kron is a Business Director, Presenter and Regulatory Consultant. He also wrote the book “From Capo to CEO”. He has been fascinated by the Italian mafia for more than 25 years. Combined with his work, he saw enough insights from the mafia that “normal” companies could learn something from.

From capo to CEO
Influenced by the (Mafia) movies, Jan Jost is determined to think. As a business executive, he believes that companies can learn a lot from the Mafia. The films were the beginning of the theme of his book, but in the content he used sources in English and Italian. The book is based on real sources and not on Hollywood movies.

According to Jan-Joost, communication is one of the most powerful things about the Italian mafia. “It’s very brief and precise. He goes right there. There is no time for discussions about mail and everyone in the CC also has to think about it.”

The contrast between businessmen and the mafia is great. Transparency and communication are very important within an organization. If you want people to take on more responsibility, we learn, too, from the science, that you must ensure that people are involved in the bigger picture. Unlike the mafia where you only receive brief instructions and where there is little or no transparency.

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core values

The strength of the mafia lies in the ideology of its organization. Core values ​​stem from ideology. They have traditionally had their own world in which they represented a kind of alternative to the government in Rome and northern Italy. This way they know how to connect with people who also believe in it. Who does not trust the people of Rome or the wealthy in northern Italy. These core values ​​are high in terms of terms that you either press or don’t. Anyway, it’s not the marketing terms you usually see in an organization.”

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