What are your memories of the "old" Evoluon?  |  Eindhoven

What are your memories of the “old” Evoluon? | Eindhoven

Eindhoven – Eindhoven’s famous Evoluon will open its doors to the public on September 24 with the exhibition RetroFuture. In the futuristic building, the visitor is taken in an amazing and playful atmosphere to experience future thinkers, dreamers and artists through design, art, science and cinema. Gallery created by Next Nature.

The Evoluon was a future-oriented technology museum from 1966 until Philips closed it in 1989, despite plenty of public protests. Since then, the building has had no public function and served as a conference center. From now on, Next Nature will reopen Evoluon to the public, with a challenging and dynamic programme.

Who has memories of his or her experiences with this well-known “flying saucer” that Philips donated to the city of Eindhoven in 1966 on the occasion of its 75th anniversary and would like to tell us something about it?


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