Wendy Van Dyck gives an update on her daughter Lizzie’s health |  RTL Street

Wendy Van Dyck gives an update on her daughter Lizzie’s health | RTL Street

Wendy shares her gratitude and relief on Instagram: “We’ve had an intense six months as a family. “You now know that at the end of December, our world came to a standstill when we were told that our dear daughter Lizzie was seriously ill,” she says. “It’s a relief.” Great to share with her that she is doing better now. We cannot express enough in words how happy and grateful we are for this and also for the support and loving messages we have received.

Although Lizzie’s full recovery still has a long way to go, “the great danger has passed.” Wendy emphasizes how important this gift is to her and her family: “And this is a gift that we all experience every day.”

At the beginning of this year, Wendy immediately gave up everything to be with her family. I skipped the reboot Western Medical Center He also made other recordings, such as those of Any of the three, Outside. It now appears that Wendy has resumed her work in television. “Here we go with a new SBS season, Wendy Van Dyck,” makeup artist Marie van de Ven wrote with a photo of Wendy on Instagram Stories. ‘More coming soon.’

Wendy excitedly shared with Mary: “Hi!” I miss you, dear Mary, but we will see each other often. Although it’s not entirely clear what Wendy is currently doing, it’s clear that she’s back working at SBS6. “Step by step I will resume my work and on Sunday I will be a guest View news To tell us more about it.

Right now, Wendy mainly enjoys being with her family and is very proud of her daughter. ‘What is character, strength and willpower. we love you so much.’

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