Well-attended XperiO Discovery Lab in Pijnacker

Well-attended XperiO Discovery Lab in Pijnacker

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Begnaker. The first weekend of October is dedicated to science and technology. Saturday doors ééone of two Xperio Octant Discovery Labs has opened for a behind-the-scenes look. With a Find and Do It Yourself theme, people can count on a fun and educational day out.

It is the fourth year that Octant has participated in the National Organized Science Weekend. Visitors took part in various activities at the XperiO discovery lab (location Octantschool Ackerweide). XperiO well attended; Visitors came not only from Pijnacker-Nootdorp, but also from cities such as Leiden, The Hague and Vladingen. Young and old can learn about all kinds of robots and the different technologies and applications used during lessons at XperiO. Workshops were given on how gears work and how to build your own robot. Kids were driving around in homemade cars and of course Tiki, the educational robot, wasn’t missing. The activities were supervised by children and staff from the different Octant schools. Students from all Octant schools regularly visit XperiOs in Pijnacker and Ypenburg and learn all about 21st century skills.

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