Weekend weather forecast: Variable weather on the way |  Currently

Weekend weather forecast: Variable weather on the way | Currently

Variable weather is coming this weekend, reports Weather Plaza. Rain and sunshine alternate.

Most of Friday will be sunny, but clouds will increase from the west later in the day. So the southwest wind is stronger.

Saturday night will be rainy and windy. It cools to 12 degrees due to clouds and rain.

It rains mainly in the northern half of the country

The rainy region will leave the country again on Saturday morning. But in the kind of cooler air that appears next, new showers develop.

The center of gravity of these rains is located in the northern half of the country. Between the showers the sun rises and the sun rises.

The southwest to west winds will remain present on Saturday and will reach wind strength 4 or 5. In the sea, it will blow strongly with the force of wind 6. In the evening, the wind will gradually decrease. The temperature is from 16 to 17 degrees.

Sunday Long periods of sunshine

At night from Saturday to Sunday, some rain passes over the country again. A rainy region is shifting over Belgium and our southern provinces in particular benefit from this.

This results in early morning rainy periods. After that it becomes dry very quickly.

With moderate westerly winds to the sea strong, a few showers will come. Between showers there are long periods of dryness with sunlight. The temperature then rises to 15 to 17 degrees.

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