Webshop Karen Damen closed due to floods: ‘Stocks at risk’ |  RTL Street

Webshop Karen Damen closed due to floods: ‘Stocks at risk’ | RTL Street

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Former K3 singer Karen Damen (49) was affected by the floods. Heavy rain has fallen in Belgium in recent days. As a result, some places in the Flemish region are experiencing flooding. This also happened in Lint and Lier. Karen stocked up on her Lint online store, forcing her to close the online store.

“We try to save what can be saved.”

Karen runs the online clothing store Kristina Knitwear with her sister Kirsten. This web store’s inventory was stored in the basement of Karen’s house. Unfortunately, there is little stock left due to heavy rains. Karen writes: ‘After the great euphoria of the sale, now comes the hard blow of the flood in Lint. We are trying to salvage what we can. But for now we have to close the webshop for a while.’ Karen points out that inventory and packaging materials have been largely damaged.

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Big landing for the former K3 singer. On Kristina Knitwear’s Instagram account, she promised her followers an update soon.

The webstore’s followers respond en masse under the message. For example, someone writes: “So much strength and so much courage.” Another follower said: “Good luck out there, I’m lighting a candle.” I hope the rain stops.

Karin was in a relationship with Gert Verhulst from 2005 to 2007. He recently spoke out in response to the nasty comments that Martha, who is in the current lineup of K3, had to deal with:

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