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WATCH TIP: Undercuts at the Rijksmuseum

What books should you read, which gallery is worth visiting and what are the latest gadgets? Look catch up.


This exhibition can be visited at the Rijksmuseum until January 15, 2023. On the basis of paintings, sculptures, and books, among other things, you can see the ever-changing view of crowded creatures in art and science.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam



But this is a desktop magnifier, and I don’t have one yet! Phrases in this sense will soon resound in many living rooms when the guitarist in the family hears about DUAL CUBE LX from Boss. This is a small guitarAmpere With a few built-in subwoofer types and effects – intended for practice, performance, recording and live broadcasting. Does it have the best sound quality of the (perhaps already overdone) noisemakers bunch? no. But it’s a desktop amplifier, and you don’t have one yet.

More at www.boss.info


Logitech Pro X Super Lite

red. This is a computer mouse. Really red. According to Logitech G, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT Developed with professional gamers, aiming to become the world’s best competitive gaming mouse. This is why it is red. No, of course not – but that’s why it has lightspeed technology, a 25K sensor, up to 70 hours of battery life and a weight of less than 63 grams. It’s red just because it’s fat. Really red, by the way.

Red at www.logitechg.com

These and more tips, books, and tools are also included The time is 12/2022.

Text: KIJK Editors/Rick Peters

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