Dré heeft een nieuwe tattoo

WATCH: Did Trey Get This Tattoo In America?

Monique shared some pictures from her family vacation in Thailand, and one of them shows something surprising. Andre has a big tattoo on his arm that he didn’t have before. Did he set it up in America?

While it first appeared that Andre and Monique wanted to keep their vacation to Thailand a secret, Monique has once again chosen to fill her followers in on the vacation. The family takes trips, lays by the pool and ocean.

New tattoos

They also made a special trip yesterday. They visited Pig Island, famous for all the pigs that live there. Like his parents, Little Dre is a true animal lover and decided to keep animals as pets.

A video shared by Monique on Instagram also shows how Andre attacks the animals. But something stands out on his arm: he has an eagle and the numbers 2511 tattooed on it.

what does it mean?

It’s unclear exactly what the tattoos mean, but during a trip to the US with Monique and baby Dre, the tattoos don’t appear to have been spotted. However, after a family vacation, the singer returned to America to go wild with a friend in Los Angeles. Did Andre get a tattoo during that trip?

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