Wassenaar Municipality, Wassenaar/Vilamidia

Wassenaar Municipality, Wassenaar/Vilamidia

Wassenaar Municipality is looking for a full-time Communications Consultant for the portfolio of Financial Governance and Security, Economics and Sport. Diverse and varied job in a dynamic environment. short lines and a lot of autonomy; which you like. You love to sink your teeth into complex communication problems. important meaningful task.

Like any other municipality in the Netherlands, we carry out a variety of tasks such as: implementing laws such as the Social Support Act, the Participation Act, and Youth Assistance. School housing, sustainability and energy transition, zoning plans, housing projects, subsidies for sports clubs, swimming pool and library, among others. Organizing participation and information, public order and safety or mobilizing volunteers to achieve social goals such as receiving 900 asylum seekers or Ukrainian families.

what are you going to do?
You act as a sparring partner and advise the Mayor and House of Representatives Finance member on complex administrative communications issues. These tasks include public order, aliens, economy and sports. You are a good copywriter and can express yourself excellently in both Dutch and English. You have a good sense of administrative-political relations.

Together with colleagues from the Communications team, you work closely with managers and also extensively with strategic advisors. They share responsibility for achieving social challenges. As a Communication Consultant, you translate the answers to these issues into a clear and well-thought-out communication approach to residents and business people.

You also advise members of your board and the formal organization on the communication strategy for your board and board proposals, so that the content is communicated clearly and correctly.
You provide a municipal spokesperson for the local, regional and national press. You answer questions from the press and know how to link them to the strategic agenda of the Executive Board.

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You have an active role in the crisis organization (internal). For example, you will be trained as a Communications Consultant for the Policy Team (BT). You can quickly switch with many partners and keep your cool in these types of situations.
Your home rule within the organization is group communication.

What do we offer
You will initially receive a one-year employment contract. If we are both satisfied with your performance, we will consider extension or permanent placement.
The position of Communications Consultant is at scale 10 (maximum €5,009.00 per month based on 36 hours). In addition, Wassenaar has excellent additional benefits, such as the Individual Choice Budget (IKB) of 17.05% of your salary. You can use this for various purposes, such as taking a course, as an extra salary or vacation. We have a sports budget with a maximum total of €300.00 per year.
Talent development is very important to us, as well when it comes to your ambitions. We can discuss prospects for further development with each other. You will receive a mobile phone on loan to perform your work, and you can also use it privately. In addition, we have good travel costs. Finally, your pension is accrued in the APB. Read about our terms of employment here.

What do we ask you?
• A solid professional who “stands up for their mission” and is used to a dynamic work environment.
• You are a team freak, like to take the initiative and automatically involve your colleagues in this matter;
• You have good, results-oriented and analytically strong advisory skills.
• It is important to have a flexible attitude. It happens that you work outside of business hours, such as council meetings or residents’ meetings.
• Intellectually strong, socially oriented and broad based, able to write clearly and structured on various topics.
• Have at least 3 years of relevant experience, preferably in an administrative political environment;
• You have a completed WO/HBO course in Communications/Journalism or other demonstrable experience in communication.
• 4 working days of 9 hours, negotiable, provided that not all days are fixed. Working twice a month on Fridays is part of the job.

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the organization
The organization has more than 200 employees and has a flat organizational structure. Our employees are close to the administration and the population. The atmosphere is open and collegial, with plenty of room for new ideas and personal input. The core values ​​of respect, responsibility and environment-oriented are leading in our work culture. Do you want to know what we do? here You will find many interviews with colleagues and a number of videos in which colleagues tell more about their work.

Welcome to Wassenaar
You will be working in a small private municipality. A unique part of Holland, where about 27,000 people live. Wassenaar is located in the midst of greenery on the southern coast of the Netherlands, next to the administrative capital, The Hague, which has a diverse population; For example, 1 in 4 residents has an international background. Wassenaar is a very diverse municipality. With beautiful estates, beach, nature, catchment area, residences and the US Embassy.

You can apply through this Application linkDo you want to know more about this vacancy? Call Alexander Oostermeijer on 062 759 2408 or apply/contact the recruitment firm, Ennes Fahchouch, 062 243 4127.

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