Washing in the morning or evening, which is better?

Washing in the morning or evening, which is better?

Have you ever wondered if it is better to shower in the morning or in the evening? Of course this is entirely up to you and you should do what you find most comfortable. However, there are a number of factors that can help you determine the best time to shower. We list who they are.

Morning or evening

Both morning and evening are the ideal bath time. Because a morning shower ensures a fresh and fruity start to the day. Bathing in the evening ensures a good night’s sleep. But which of the two moments is really the best?

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skin type

The right time depends on a number of factors. Including your skin type. For example, do you have oily skin? Then it is better to take a shower in the morning. Oils and sebum can build up on your skin during the night. A warm shower in the morning is a good way to clean your pores. However, do you have dry skin? Then it is better to shower in the evening. Oil and sebum development at night thus reduces skin dryness during the day.

Shower after exercise

The course of your day can also influence your choice. For example, will you exercise? Then it is preferable to take a shower after that, it does not matter whether it is in the morning or in the evening.

Swimming pool

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fruitful day

Do you have a productive day ahead? Then the morning is a pleasant shower moment. Psychology professor Shelley Carson of Harvard University tells the news platform great Bathing works like meditation. According to Carson, you relax, but your mind also stays alert at the same time. According to the professor, this case can be ideal for creating new and good ideas or solutions.

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Difficulty getting started

The alert state your mind enters when you shower is also useful when you’re having trouble getting started in the morning. Mindfulness can last all day if you start the morning with a splash of cool water. American research also shows that taking cold showers is good for your metabolism. You can search over here read in English).

to sweat

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personal preferences

Finally, your personal preferences play a role. Do you want to keep your sheets as clean as possible? Then the evening before bedtime is the best time to take a shower. Your skin gets dirty during the day due to air pollution, sweat, oil and bacteria. Evening is a good time to take a shower before removing your make-up. The steam in the shower opens the pores, allowing you to clean the skin more deeply.

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