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Stock markets are recovering now, but yesterday there was a strong sell-off due to concerns about the delta variable. Earlier, the White House said the vast majority of hospitalizations are due to Americans who have not yet been vaccinated and infected. Then you might think: no problem, just keep vaccinating, but it’s not so easy.

Vaccination rates remain low in many conservative states because Americans simply do not want to be vaccinated. This is also evidenced by the following graph on the number of Americans who received the first vaccination. This number is still increasing, but we are seeing stabilization. According to analysts, at the current rate, it would take at least 9 months to vaccinate 75 percent of Americans, which is the approximate percentage needed for herd immunity:

The seriousness of the problem is clear from personalities from the American newspaper The Washington Post. It appears that a third of white conservatives refuse to take a vaccine. This is also a problem for infection, because the virus spreads more easily between people who have not received the vaccine.

Another problem: Economic growth may diverge between regions as countries with low vaccination rates may need to implement local lockdowns to contain the virus. As a result, economic disparities between regions and countries can widen, which could in turn lead to a more polarized political climate.

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