Waiting in line for Elizabeth has to bring down the food, and it does with it

Waiting in line for Elizabeth has to bring down the food, and it does with it

People who are finally visiting Britain’s Queen Elizabeth are not allowed to take their food and drink to Westminster Hall, which is where the Queen is located in state. Where does all this food go? In any case, it will not be discarded.

Grieving Britons have until Monday morning to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth. Those waiting brought plenty of food and drink with them. This is because they have to wait up to 22 hours in line, which was sometimes as long as five miles.

But it is forbidden to eat and drink in the hall where the queen lies. Therefore, they are required to hand over their food items before entering. Instead, the food is donated to charity.

Snacks brought in by those waiting are donated

Many donate their snacks such as chips, cookies and chocolate to Project Felix. This charity collects hundreds of kilos of food in this way. Food and drink is distributed to people in London who can use it.

“These foodstuffs are a one-of-a-kind donation that will help hundreds of people who cannot afford to eat. We support thousands of organizations helping people in droves,” said charity director Charlotte Hill. against the BBC. Blankets are also accepted.

Last day to honor Queen Elizabeth

Today is the last full day to pay one last respect to the Queen. Presidents, kings and other dignitaries arrive in London today for state funerals on Monday. They were invited by King Charles to a reception at Buckingham Palace.

British Ambassador to the Netherlands Joanna Roper joined the talk show on Friday night in 1 to explain the great turnout and great interest in Elizabeth’s funeral. “It’s very touching to see everyone walk in,” said a British girl crying in front of a TV camera in the pictures. in 1 show up.

“You can feel every single person’s love for her.” “It was amazing, I didn’t want to miss it,” says another lady. “It was definitely worth the 11 hour wait.”

Today, too, long waiting lists are expected

The long lines on the way to Monday’s funeral are likely to be long or at least as long as they are now. in 1Talk show host Sven Köckelmann: “I heard that even the checkout sirens in supermarkets have stopped.”

Roper then: “We express ourselves in different ways. There are flowers, people can pay their respects at embassies. And the funeral day is a public holiday in the UK.”

Man arrested for entering Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

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The waiters in line for Elizabeth are forced to bring down the food, and this happens with her

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