Voss watches presentation for women from the US: 'Gravel ride should suit me'

Voss watches presentation for women from the US: ‘Gravel ride should suit me’

If there’s one person who has won the actual Tour de France for women over the years, it’s Marion Voss. The Tilburg woman watched the presentation from the United States on Thursday, where she fully participates in the Cyclo-Cross overseas World Cup.

From To us He spoke briefly with Voss, noting that he thought the timeline for the curriculum was well chosen. Women start in Paris on the day men finish. “It’s a pleasure to follow each other, so you can focus fully on both games,” Voss says.

Jumbo-Wisma Rider hopes for an exciting race. ‘It would be nice if the decision was made at the last minute,’ Vos thinks ahead of La Blanche des Belles Fills, where she only knows from the last day of boarding. ‘But I can only imagine how steep it is,’ she laughs.

Voss thinks gravel ride is possible: ‘very good’

Voss, who still missed a time test on the route, explained a little more about the curriculum at the Jumbo-Wisma site, especially seeing the fourth phase on gravel roads. Unlike Annemic von Woleton, Voss thinks it belongs in a big round. I think a ‘Straight Bianche Stage’ is great for a grand tour. It should suit me, but in the end I think a lot of riders can handle this. ‘

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