Vorburgs Dagblad | Hack La Hague: Errors found in the municipal ICT network

The Hague municipality’s digital infrastructure was examined on Monday by 206 ethical hackers from the Netherlands and abroad. 125 reports of system errors were submitted.

vulnerabilities found; Unsafe access to accounts, outdated software, the possibility of injecting malicious code into a website and an account that can be completely taken over.

Despite the huge amount of weaknesses, Alderman Saskia Bruines from International Economy and Services is very satisfied. “As a municipality, we advocate for well-protected IT systems. This is why the municipality allows itself to be hacked annually by ethical hackers. This is very exciting, but it provides a lot of ideas.”

The municipality immediately began working on the findings to resolve it. Some points can already be corrected on Monday by technicians from the municipality or by relevant suppliers.

206 hackers from 22 countries participated in Hâck The Hague this year, including Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Ukraine, England and the United States.

Photo: The Hague Municipality

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