Van Kalmthout geniet van nieuwe status in Amerika: "Voel me bijna een rockster"

Von Kalmout gets new status in America: “Feels almost like a rock star”

Rhinos von Kalmtout starts with a completely different status on the Indie 500. On Sunday, the Dutch IndyCar driver will start on his second IndyG500, unlike the first time he will have a hit at the IndyGar this year, which means he looks different.

Van Kalmout had his first IndyCar win at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Hoffdorf driver qualified well and was allowed to start the race from seventh place, after which he was crowned the winner in front of Romain Grosjean and Alex Blow, who took his first stage in Indigor. Also known as the Dutchman, this ensures that ‘VK’ can get off to a good start on the Indie 500, the most valuable race in Indigo.

A completely different life

In Sunday’s race, where Van Kalmouth starts from the third starting position, he admits that his life has ‘changed greatly’ in a short period of time. “At first no one recognized me when I was walking on Speedway, but now I feel almost like a rock star. There’s a wall of fans when I leave the pit box. All the people waiting for autographs or photos. It felt like a training day without 500 viewers “, ‘VK’ told Dutch media, GPFans.

New condition in the yard

Apart from the recognition of Van Kalmaud, he also feels that his condition has changed on the sidelines. “I had a few words last year, especially since I was still rude, so I’m elbows out ‘in terms of driving style. They had a little trouble with it, especially just because I got a glimpse of it.” It can be a little hard to catch me “, ‘VK’ seems to be better off with his colleagues these days.” Eventually those experienced guys came to me, especially after qualifying for the 500s. Those Benskey guys are definitely driving the ear, and we were very impressed with how fast we were. Those are good things. “

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