Volkswagen will receive 1.2 billion euros (!) to build cars in America

Volkswagen will receive 1.2 billion euros (!) to build cars in America

Even if you associate North America with gas-guzzling pickups (and you still do), the U.S. government wants to prepare the country for the electric revolution. America mainly aims to create manufacturing in its own country to avoid the influence of other countries (read: China). A lot of money can be spent on this. It just became clear. Because Volkswagen will receive a whopping 1.2 billion euros to build an EV factory in South Carolina for the new Scout brand. Wait, Scout?!

Two birds with one stone

Yes, Scout. Volkswagen is a brand new EV brand that wants to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, Volkswagen wants to shed its diesel image in the U.S. with the Scout sub-brand, and on the other, it’s a way to seriously get some money out of the U.S. In this, the German team has won brilliantly. Because South Carolina financed a $1.85 billion planned plant in South Carolina through a series of grants.

The deflationary law has been causing headaches in Europe since its introduction in 2022. Because all of a sudden North America decided to give a lot of money to companies to help build America into an environmental superpower. As a result, European car manufacturers could suddenly set up a new production facility relatively cheaply in the United States. Audi will also decide this year whether or not to build a new factory in the US. The results will naturally have an impact on European employment.

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